Love - Managing Korean Parents


If you're a Korean-American millennial like me, then it is likely that your parents are also a little different than you -- i.e. can't stand 'em. 
Here are my experiments at managing my parents' behaviors so that being friends with them is bearable.


"Parents just don't understand":
  • If your Korean parents are down with new tech, have mastered navigating the web, speak the same language as you, and avoid being overbearing when it comes to guiding your life... then you need to shut up and teach me.
  • If not, then we're in the same boat: your parents probably also hold different norms, value judgments, tastes and preferences, love languages, and aspirations than you.

The Problem

The cultural and generational gaps can cause friction in my relationships with my parents from time to time.

Proposed Solution

I want to apply proven behavior management strategies from various settings (professional work environment, personal relationships, dog rehabilitation, etc.) to encourage a more congenial and compassionate dynamic.

My Experiments

Under Construction