Philosophy (ver 1)

These are some of the thoughts I keep on repeat in my mind, because I think they will yield the kind of life I want (with links to supporting ideas, check em out):

Death Is Certain, Life Is Not

Yo, you really have to respect this truth:
Nobody can tell you what your life will be like, or how long it will last. But for certain, every one of us will die one day. So I suggest you choose your life wisely.

Know Thyself

  • NOBODY is going to figure out your perfect life for you. Nobody can create that life for you. Nobody even knows, as well as you do, what your perfect life looks like. So that means YOU are the most qualified to create your perfect life. So doesn't it make sense to KNOW the most about yourself?
  • Socrates said some shit like, "the unexamined life is not worth living". I agree with that.
  • Peter Drucker advises that to create the circumstances in which you can most excel at work, you should be Managing Oneself, which requires some knowledge of self.

You are not Me, and I am not You

aka I am Me, and You are You. I used to find myself getting frustrated when someone around me had an opposing perspective, so now I try to remember these ideas:
  • I have the right to choose how I think, believe, or act.
  • All other people also have the right to choose how they think, believe, or act.
  • I cannot make other people think, believe, or act like me -- it is a futile attempt, so don't try it. (see Choice Theory)
  • The quicker I accept people for what/how they think, believe, or act; the more I will see reality clearly (and in turn, probably enjoy myself more, too -- less attachment, less pain and suffering).

"Everybody has the right to escape their own suffering" - The Dalai Lama XIV

  • [Freud] says there are Three Sources of Suffering:
    1. Our Own Bodies are "doomed to decay and dissolution" and will give us "pain and anxiety as warning signals".
    2. The External World (environment/nature), "which can unleash overwhelming, implacable, destructive forces against us".
    3. Our Relations with Others (other people). People are the worst, and yet they're fucking everywhere.

  • [Freud] says: "[Humans] strive for happiness, they want to become happy and remain so". They do this in two ways: "An absence of pain and unpleasurable experiences" and "strong feelings of pleasure":

    • Intoxication -- "The crudest, but also the most effective method of influencing our constitution is the chemical one.
      • Downside: intoxicants are responsible for the futile loss of large amounts of energy that might have been used to improve the lot of mankind.

    • Throwing ourselves in mental and intellectual work -- "Another technique for avoiding suffering makes use of the displacements/sublimation of our drives", into the "internal, psychical processes".
      • Downside: this cannot be employed universally, 
    • Imagination, like entertainment, TV/movies, theatre, social media,  delusions.
      • Downside: "the mild narcosis that art induces in us can free us only temporarily from the hardships of life; it is not strong enough to make us forget real misery".

    • Sever all links -- "The hermit turns his back on the world and refuses to have anything to do with it... One can try to re-create the world, to build another in its place, one in which the most intolerable features are eliminated and replaced by others that accord with one's desires".
      • Downside: "As a rule anyone who takes this path... will achieve nothing. Reality is too strong for them. They will become a madman and will usually find nobody to help them realize their delusion".

    • Love -- We use the power of love to escape suffering, by developing emotional attachments.
      • Downside: "We never have so little protection against suffering as when we are in love; we are never so desolate as when we have lost the object of our love or its love for us".

  • Everyone is looking for their own version of The Good Life.

  • Judging someone for their differences leads to pain, but would it be more beneficial to:
    • learn about and understand them (compassion), or 
    • just fuhgeddaboutit?

Deserve What You Want

  • The more you learn, the more you earn.
  • Your actions over time have to match your desires, e.g.:
    • "Mind, Body, and Soul: If you want to be a champion, you gotta live like a champion. Standing in the mirror with a cupcake in your mouth, talkin' 'bout, 'I wish I look like that, I'm tired of lookin' like this' -- that don't really work." - LL Cool J, 10 Million Stars
  • "A formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune". - Jim Rohn
  • "Do not pray for an easy life; pray for the strength to endure a difficult one". - Bruce Lee

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

  • Almost every problem you or I will face, has already been faced AND solved by someone else. It is likely that they've written something about it. Read that, so you can learn what has worked and what didn't work in solving your problem.
  • "The wise man learns from someone else’s mistakes, the smart man learns from his own, and the stupid one never learns." - old adage
  • "Overt trial and error ... takes time and energy ... is often fatal." - Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene
  • "Major in the major things, and minor in the minor things" -- not vice versa. - Jim Rohn shares great lessons here.

You Can Be Anything But Not Everything

  • In modern times, there is ALOT more freedom than there used to be, so you're free to do whatever it is you want to do.
  • If we keep in mind that we're aiming for our unique versions of The Good Life, then we might consider:
    • You don't want to spend alot of time getting good at the wrong thing.
    • Since you can only get good at 1-3 things in life, you should choose very carefully.
    • Getting this right requires alot of knowledge of self.
  • See Peter Drucker's Managing Oneself.